Thanks again everyone for being here and sorry about Patrice Oneal. I a big fan of stand up so I try to grab the good ones and leave you with the shit you see here tonight. Also, just want to let everyone know, Rapture is scheduled for April 3rd, 2043 so if you planning on raping and murdering people, that the day to do it.

Depending on your skill level, having your own set of golf clubs can be expensive, especially when you only consider golf as a past time recreation. Depending on the brand and equipment you want to have, you could easily burn $1300 bucks for a completely brand new golf set. That’s a lot of money for a non PGA tour player, I may say..

To Owens, though, it’s all of a piece. “The left,” she went on, “wants to strap black people to this idea that they are victims. They don’t like to see black people that are free thinkers and are independent, and I think that’s what Kanye West and myself represent to the black community, and that makes them very nervous.”.

, Beckmann, B. , Fox, R. , Roy, H. A more severe sprain can damage the cartilage or lining of the joint, or bone can chip off, which, if untreated, can lead to early stage arthritis.” After a week: You should be pain free and back to your normal activity if you had a mild (grade 1) sprain, Dr. Kennedy says. If you’re still limping, though, do get in to see your doctor.

Companies know there’s risk when they choose a celebrity endorsement approach. Many have learned the hard way that it becomes a reflection of themselves; just ask Coca Cola, with its speedy capitulation of its Michael Vick sponsorship. If you put a face to a name, the more likely you’ll remember it, and marketers know the same goes with hitching celebrities to their brands..

Both sides are right imo. This game was a blast to play at launch. The worlds look gorgeous, the mechanics feel very polished. Being raised by Gladstone, the luck gives Louie a comfortable and carefree life with little rules. Though Gladstone often had the means to hire a nanny, he prefers to look after Louie himself. Louie doesn have any true friends, as all his schoolmates just want to get close to him just because of Gladstone luck, and he greatly values Gladstone, his newfound brothers and the sincere friendship he develops with Webby.

Even better, we turned on Express patching in WSUS but found the updates no quicker at all, despite 600GB extra disk space getting eaten up on the WSUS server. Having checked it out, reading the Windows Update log (which is a challenge in itself on Server 2016 hosts which are not internet connected.) apparently no express payload is contained for Windows Server 2016 hosts. But I can seem to find any conclusive Microsoft documentation anywhere that tells you whether Express patching is even available for Windows Server 2016?.