Your support will try to calm you guys down but your all emotionally fragile and have lost hope. All this will happen in the first 3 minutes of your game btw. 1 point submitted 16 days agoFirstly, don’t make comparisons to professional players, because they already have a team and are in agreement to what role they are all playing.

We would always travel to other parts of California or to other states to experience nature. It wasn until I started college that I visited the San Gabriel Mountains for the first time. It took me that long to visit the mountains I grew up so close to.

In 1979, Riswold had a part time job working for the Seattle SuperSonics basketball team, which led to a full time job with the Seattle [agency] the Sonics employed. Riswold figured he’d stick with advertising until he figured out what he really wanted to study during his next pass through school. Riswold submitted his resume and soon moved to Oregon to work for Wieden Kennedy.

Look man, I sure you a super sophisticated investor. I sorry I hurt your feelings. As I have said a dozen times on this thread my observations are based on generalizations (I didn think I needed to be as explicit about this, since obviously I am not claiming that every single one of the millions of RH users is unsophisticated, or loses money)..

In the end, both beach beauty locations were running limitlessly, and they were going back and forth about twice a month to Mexico. When they were Mexico on vacation twice a month when Lucas couldn’t find her, he would go out to the beach and see her surfing. He would smile to himself and just watch her be the beach beauty that she indeed was in a limitless way.

Or maybe the developers would continue to cater to the top of the market because that where the money is, regardless of resulting low occupancy rates. Foreign investment in real estate causes inflation and doesn require occupancy: it just a liability to the condition of the property and a hassle to deal with. Why fuck with renters when your investment is appreciating 15% or more per year, and you bought it with cash or some other instrument that costs less than inflation to pay off?.

A multicolored butterfly flag flutters from the side of the main house, which is set far back from the dirt road. Jane had warned me it was, as she called it, “rustic.” But she looks comfortable settled in a caned rocking chair on the porch, wearing a bright blue tie dyed T shirt adorned with the image of a big blue butterfly. After just a quick hello, Jane and Gerry take me on a tour, she carrying a huge butterfly net, the pole easily three feet long..