The Ektopad is molded in such a way as to provide thick handle like areas on the sides and ribbed areas throughout the body that act as shock absorbers in case of a drop. The shape is meant to resemble a formula 1 steering wheel and provides chunky hand holds for keeping a firm grasp on the iPad. There are open sections on each side that can be used to further improve your grasp.

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If you in a meeting, be at the meeting. If you reading memos, give them undivided attention. Put your phone in your bag and close your office door so you don get distracted.You’re “sooo busy”We get it, you busy. Our closest equivalent intelligences may be a race of cetaceans a dolphin planet if you will. Without dexterous appendages, such creatures will never reach the stone age. Or perhaps we could be dealing with HEI that do not communicate in a manner we are familiar with; or are simply uninterested in the same grand questions.6.

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Never thought after 30 years you have to find another job, he said. But, on the other hand, finding work elsewhere seems like a risk at his age. They want to hire an age 50 plus guy? is the quandary facing many of the former mill workers who are not certified tradespeople, such as electricians.