The fact that you still keep this up shows how true Bird you are as a fan. All the way from Japan! We all appreciate all that you do in the post game threads bro!! Times like these when the low gets low yet you still love the team no matter what, shows whats up. It incomprehensible to me the people on social media that keep talking about dropping their fandom to this organization.

The Supremes suffer no similar self doubt.Monopoly in the process, which allows only the Supreme Court itself to overturn decisis, the rule of its own precedents. Except in very rare cases, the Court says, that not for lower courts to do. But what a lower court judge to do if a defendant brings forward new evidence about the faulty basis for the precedent setting decision, which in this case took place in 1921?Monopoly over history.

This is the amount associated to the worldwide personal luxury goods market for the last year and estimated by Bain Co. It was expected to grow from 2014 to 2015 only at 1 to 2 % at constant exchange rates and 13% at current exchange rates. This market should weigh for 24% of the total amount accounted of 1 044 billions ..

Cultural arrogance and lack of focus were at the heart of why it took so long. GM Roger Smith launched the Saturn division in large part to provide GM with a blank canvas on which it could start a new business model within the company that would hopefully serve as an internal university. The work rules and union agreement at Saturn Spring Hill, Tenn., plant were modeled on the NUMMI system.

Therefore, in looking for the most suitable cat tree for us and our cats we needed something that was quite small (with a small floor area) and strong enough to take the weight of a Maine Coon. Our choice was a modest cat tree that had a good review from a Maine Coon owner, with the proviso from her that it wobbles a little when her cat uses it. We bought the cat tree on the strength of that review and sure enough it is a strong construction (for the most part), and although well suited for ordinary domestic housecats does wobble a little (like a tree) when Greebo is on the top platform; but sturdy enough so as not to topple..

Are no product placement deals between us, Pearson or anyone else, said Tom Dunn, an Education Department spokesman. Deals. No money. You may recognize that much of your overeating happens without us even realizing we are getting it done. You walk past a bag of chips on the counter, and steal a handful, even if we know we’re not that hungry. Also a large bowl of fruit, while healthy, may have us reaching for a piece, even though we are still full from our last meal.