The iPad Camera Connection Kit has two parts. Each piece is small, white and has the distinctive design of Apple products. The first device transfers digital photos to the iPad via an SD card slot. The boys are asking for socks and cleats size 8 or smaller for the orphans in Kenya. Keifer was featured in a Baltimore Sun article earlier this year as part of a Fellowship of Christian Athletes mission trip to the African country . The Crusaders are playing in the B Conference championship game against John Carroll at noon..

Biometric technology for authentication is nothing new and as more and more sites, from Adobe to Evernote and PR Newswire get hacked and their passwords stolen, its benefits are becoming clearer and clearer. Every person’s face, voice, and fingerprint is unique and therefore theoretically impossible to ‘fake’ yet, until recently either applying this technology in the consumer space, or getting enough companies to back a single, unified system has been a struggle. However, that is all set to change, thanks to Apple and now to FIDO..

Libert: Very simply, networks including social networks, which include customers and employees are gathering strength relative to organizations. And believe it or not, as they gather strength in the market place, they create real risks for enterprises. In many cases, like Best Buy, they take them down and destroy their business model.

On our way to the Goodwill on South 6th in Tacoma, Tanya and I got sidetracked at the Life Center Church Thrift Store. Discovering the vast treasures that awaited us, we never ended up making it to Goodwill. Store has a diverse selection of goods, including a whole section of super cheap sewing supplies and fabric!.

Self disclosure: Kelly would not be my first choice not even close. If I’m the Gators, my top three choices would be (1) Scott Frost (2) Dan Mullen (3) Mike Gundy. But, then again, I’m not privy to all the information UF athletics director Scott Stricklin has at his disposal information he understandably doesn’t share with the media.

Under the Income Tax Act,a student can claim the tuition credit for post secondary studies abroad if they are full time attendance at a university outside Canada in a course leading to a degree except a course of less than three consecutive weeks duration. Note that there is no minimum duration requirement when the program is taken at a Canadian school.The recent tax case involved a Canadian student who tried to claim a tuition credit for her tuition fees during the summer months while doing her MBA at the University of Notre Dame, in Indiana.Notre Dame offers the traditional two year MBA program as well as an accelerated one year program. The latter program is intended for students who have already completed an undergraduate degree in business or have certain prerequisites.The student enrolled in the one year program from May 2014 to May 2015, when she graduated.