We want control of our destiny. There’s a reason the value of franchises goes up in hockey and baseball and every other sport. It’s because the owners are working to bring the value of the league and the teams up. A recent post to this site borrowed a sports analogy from A Repair Kit for Grading, 15 Fixes for Broken Grades, by Ken O’Connor. I think expanding on this idea might bring some clarity to assessment for learning. The post explained that coaches design practice in order to prepare their team for the big game, the test.

Was 17 years old. Oh, he’s not a banjo hitter. He’s sneaky long, but more importantly, he can find the places in the fairway where second shots become a little easier. On a public daily fee golf course, you would probably find less bunkers than you would on a private or a destination golf course. The cape of the bunker might not be as dramatic and therefore they might be less challenging to play out of and also a little bit easier to take care of. What do you mean when you say the cape of the bunker? The cape is the crown of grass that comes over the top of the bunker, the mound on the back side of the bunker that adds some elevation change.

I wasn’t around during the John Wooden era but we can all agree it was much easier to win it all back then than it is now. From what I hear, there were times when there were only 16 teams in the whole tournament and you played two regional games and boom your in the final four. So there is that.

You so close, you feel it right here,” he said, pointing to his heart. “This is the best fireworks I seen so far.”Ray Monk, 45, from Collinswood, NJ, said, “It was beautiful. I turned down Philadelphia fireworks to see this, and it was the right choice.”The crowd began gathering early to score the best spots.”We got here at 1:30,” Elias Martoral said at his waterfront perch on Pier 84.”We bring our own food, because it way too expensive here,” he added, referring to the $3 waters and $4 fountain sodas.At least he didn pay for his primo location.Some folks bent on the best views forked over enough loot to make even the $7 slushies look like a bargain.Hudson Terrace, a rooftop bar near the river, sold 250 tickets at prices from $150 to $1,450 all for the 1,000 foot high display of fiery plumes that Macy was providing for free.There were plenty of takers.”The fireworks were definitely a huge draw for us,” said Erika London, an event planner at the bar.Mayor Bloomberg, who attended the fireworks, was earlier at the 100th annual Travis Fourth of July Parade on Staten Island, where he said, “This is the most wonderful country in the world.”Additional reporting by Sally Goldenberg and Post Wire ServicesJersey City is warning region residents to go elsewhere for good views of Macy fireworks over Hudson RiverIf you planning to catch the Macy Fourth of July Fireworks from the New Jersey waterfront don go to Jersey City.Through e mails and signs, the city Police Department is warning residents and people across the region that the Jersey City waterfront is not the place to view the Macy fireworks display.”We don want disgruntled people because they can see it,” Jersey City Police Lt.