Acting like an employer may provide some perspective. Let’s say for the sake of discussion you want to do a background check on a prospective roommate. Perhaps you suspect he or she has been convicted of a crime some years ago. The inevitable collapse of the American welfare economy will end lefty destruction of the work ethic, out of necessity. It will take generations, but Americans will learn to work again. Sadly the glory that is, oops was, America is now gone.

What we have all regained is a resumption of the greatest career long saga in contemporary sports: Woods’s pursuit of Jack Nicklaus’s 18 major titles. That record went from unassailable to almost sure to broken after Tiger got his 14th major at just 32. Now the probability of a 19th major may be teetering perfectly balanced on many knife points..

He was not really like the other retail monkeys. He was older, well groomed, well spoken, clearly educated etc. One night after work he gets into his car, and I couldn help but notice that it was a very very nice newish Jaguar. What he can do with his pistol shots to demonstrate his ability is of the kind requiring you to suspend disbelief in fictional shows. He can shoot bullets from a holster draw with accuracy at short range in split second timing. I’d need a couple seconds (and tries) to do the same shots with a basketball.

Shaw Communications Inc. Isn content with Freedom Mobile million subscribers it wants and millions and millions. Jay Mehr revealed just how big the cable company ambitions are in the wireless market at the TD Securities telecom and media forum in Toronto on Wednesday, stating Shaw plans to take the playbook from Quebecor Inc.

I’m not suggesting that men stop watching PGA golf. But please, don’t try to tell me that they’re perfectly happy withtheir golf games. I hear them on the links as they let fly those expletives of supreme happiness. By KATHLEEN PARRISH, The Morning CallFor The Record The Morning Call Silverdale The Morning CallLehigh Criminal Cases Up In Disposition Rates Increased Over Previous Years, Court Annual Report Indicates. By DAN HARTZELL, The Morning CallFor The Record The Morning CallWomen Pains Overlooked The Morning CallCommunity Report The Morning CallMary H. Coleman The Morning CallCommunity Buzz The Morning Call Fountain Hill The Morning CallShift High Salaries To Educators The Morning CallPalmerton Board Approves $15 Million School Budget Average Homeowners Can Expect To Pay Nearly $37 More A Year In Property Tax.