I cradled their massive sweet potatoes like a newborn baby. Walked the rows of crops, enjoying the pungent smell of lime basil and marveling at bright purple eggplants and red okra. Ate jambalaya cooked over an open fire in a big cauldron, like they used to way back when.

McCurdy. Wouldn want pilots learning to fly on a real life plane full of people, so we shouldn do the same with finance students. RITC will wrap up on Feb. Our highlight excursion was a four day trip to Slovenia where we met with the director for environmental protection for the city of Ljubjlana. She shared the city’s many initiatives focused on environmental sustainability including making the main city center largely car free; Ljubljana won the Green City Capital award for 2016 from the European Commission. We also met with professors at the University of Maribor to learn about the Slovenian economy, and with a leader for a faith based organization focused on youth outreach in Slovenia to learn about enacting faith in a largely secular culture.

I love to see all the elementary schools here in Lee County be taken care of, all the kids here be taken care of, and then maybe expand to some of the other counties around us and get the program as big as we can here in East Alabama. Order to implement the program in Auburn, volunteers were needed to pack the 274 bags of food at the Auburn Walmart, the local project grocery partner, and deliver them to the schools on Thursday afternoons. That where Auburn University chapter of the national organization Campus Kitchens and University Outreach Office of Public Service came into the picture..

If you interested, this journal titled “Black Like Mao” offered an interesting look at the effect the revolutions in China (and Cuba, as well) had on black liberation movements in the US. Essentially, Maoist thought that argued against the need for conditions to launch a revolution, including the willingness of the Chinese and Cubans to meet with force in an era of nonviolent passive resistance, was attractive to many black radicals in the US. It provided an alternative means of viewing class struggle beyond the white and Western view of, say, the Soviet model..

Auckland has become a crucible for innovation and experimentation, with ties across the planet. The place I feel most embraced is the mighty K, on K Rd. There you can be whoever you want to be. The Harvest Moon game series is probably the most underrated GBA game of all time. No one expected a game featuring simple farm tasks to hit it big on the market. To the amazement of many, millions of GBA players got hooked to Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town even just after playing with it for several days.