Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractPurpose The aim of this article is to analyse how wine and tourism operators understand the concept of a wine route, in order to determine the impact that definition can have on the extent to which stakeholders working within distinct, but related sectors (namely wine production, tourism, food and hospitality) collaborate with each other and share knowledge.Design/methodology/approach By adopting the theoretical lens of “boundary objects” (understood as tangible or intangible entities that allow the sharing of meaning to different groups and facilitate collaboration), this article uses a qualitative approach, based on semi structured interviews of 20 informants working in three different wine routes in Italy. Analysis of data is carried out in order to highlight the similarities and differences between the wine and tourism (including identified associated service) industries.Findings Wine routes can be considered boundary objects that, if clearly defined by local stakeholders, can facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration. Problems in collaboration could be explained by an initial mis definition by stakeholders of what a wine route and its remit are.Research limitations Since the theoretical lens of “boundary objects” was applied for the first time to wine routes and tourism, further research is necessary in order to validate its application.Practical implications It is suggested that managers of wine routes involve all stakeholders in discussions to achieve a common understanding on what a wine route is and its role in the promotion of “place” (geographical context of the wine route).

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