This of course improves Lillard chances of joining the team. But is that a good thing? Eric Griffith explored that issue for Blazersedge. Given Coach K affinity for Kyrie Irving, moving Steph effing Curry off the ball, it probably safe to say Dame won be a featured player if he does go..

CATHERINE ELLIS, REPORTER: Right change into your costume today you get to be the Prime Minister! You’re off to debate a new law you want passed NO MORE HOMEWORK! Now this is where Australia’s laws get made Parliament House in Canberra. In you go. Good luck!.

The lawsuit was dismissed, largely due to the fact the alleged assailant was not an OSU student. Yet in the dismissal, Judge Michael McShane wrote that OSU’s “response to the rapes of Ms. Samuelson and Ms. Ed.] while I am headed for an executive class seat on Air Canada, but chacun son got, as the French say when looking at English food. I feel a bit nervous encroaching on Palin territory by writing a travel diary. I want to avoid any unpleasant sense of stealing Michael’s thunder, but most of the Pythons have been involved in documentaries recently: Jonesy walked halfway to Jerusalem in Crusader armor, holding a spear; Gilliam is the tragic hero of a classic documentary about the nonmaking of a movie; and even Cleesy went to Madagascar to invade the privacy of the lemurs.

FBI Special Agent Marlin Ritzman addresses the media Saturday at Anchorage Police Department headquarters about the investigation into Florida airport shooting suspect Esteban Santiago, who is an Anchorage resident. Justice Department also announced Saturday that Santiago was charged with several federal crimes in connection with the shooting at the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport. He could face the death penalty or life in prison.

If your website design doesn adapt based on the screen size and angle that your customers are using, then you are making life more difficult for them. Trying to read a full scale webpage on the small screen of a cell phone can be frustrating. No one wants to have to scroll back and forth to read lines of text..

One of the key challenges for any anti drone counter measure is that the typical small size of most drones makes them difficult to detect and target. Drones are mobile, nimble and can use technologies such as thermal cameras to operate day and night. At first glance, the bald eagle may seem well suited to the task of downing a drone because of its “natural” ability to spot a target and rapidly intercept it as the video below shows.