FP MagazineAll FP MagazineCEO of the YearDespite saving investors about $20 billion a year in costs and taxes on capital gains distributions, exchange traded funds are being blamed for most everything these days even things that haven happened yet. In the past six weeks alone, ETFs were accused of being weapons of mass destruction, creating a stock market bubble, holding stocks hostage, being hideous, making the market dumb and causing trading glitches. Most of these are histrionics from threatened parties that can be largely refuted with a few pieces of contextual data, but the last two do point to a more legitimate concern.Let start with the WMD, hostage and bubble claims, which are essentially the same attack: ETF flows are causing mindless buying of stocks regardless of fundamentals and this will end badly.Aside from the question of whether there even is a stock market bubble, ETFs can be guilty because they are tools, not catalysts.

Police believe the three victims and the suspects planned to meet near the Family Dollar on MLK to settle a dispute. Newly released numbers show an increase in bullying incidents are being reported in Indiana schools. This month, the Indiana Department of Education released its annual bullying report.

Buyers will also need to qualify for a mortgage that meets standards put out by Fannie Mae, the government controlled mortgage finance giant, which finances nearly a third of all new mortgages in the United States, according to Inside Finance.To start, buyers using the program in Seattle will be able to apply down payments only to mortgages financed by Umpqua Bank, though Loftium said it eventually intended to work with a broader range of lenders (and rental services beyond Airbnb).While Fannie hopes to work with Loftium in several more cities, it first needs to ensure that demand is strong enough, homeowners are abiding by their contracts and they are paying their mortgages. Changes in local laws, which could place new restrictions on Airbnb esque arrangements, might also dim the program prospects.Zhang extra room, which includes a private bathroom, fits just a queen bed and a chair, and is sparsely decorated with art from a thrift shop. The description on Airbnb highlights its convenient location and shows the view of the Seattle skyline from the kitchen..

What does this mean for you? In practical terms, I’d recommend that you lower the tension of your RPM Blast not your Xcel strings to about 50 lbs. Your stringbed, then, will consist not just of hybrid materials, but hybrid tensions, too. If all goes well, you should feel an increase in comfort, power, and depth.